Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another design

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. There. That should take me out of the canyon that I inadvertently created above.

So above is another chart that you can find at Among other not-so nice things about the design, the entire chart suffers from perspective issues. This creates the illusion that the shorter bars are smaller than they actually are, which is curious, since the smaller bars are small enough as it is.

Again, we have volumetric changes meant to describe simple one-dimensional data.

At right is my interpretation, which is (admittedly) not the best. Each bar is separated into two portions: the very large portion of funds available for any use and the relatively small portion of funds for that particular use. Hopefully, this suggests the fact that using general funds for one use will eliminate their usability for a different use.

I think the problem, such as it is, is that this chart is supposed to represent 5 numbers. That's not really enough to get a good display of statistical information. We need some higher resolution charts, and I plan to deliver this next week, but I have one more garish chart to improve before then.

(also, a quick note. In the preview panel, I'm seeing a very blocky version of this design on the left. If you ever have trouble seeing a chart, try viewing the image alone in a new window. Most images are resized before I put them up here)

Also available: the Compressed SVG. Please note that though it looks small, you can zoom into it, and all the information is still there, in much higher quality than any PNG.

* 'Enhancement' is a legally defined term for projects such as sidewalk repairs, bicycle paths, and beautification projects. Enhancements do not involve vehicle or mass transit related items.

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